How your money builds families

As a charity, there's always a demand on our resources. LGBTQ+ prospective adopters and foster carers seek our support online. Those already parenting and caring are quick to calls us for urgent help for themselves and their children.  We always strive to be here for them.

We make sure that our member adoption and foster agencies have access to the best training. Their staff need - and LGBTQ+ people deserve - a welcoming and encouraging space for LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers.

Your donation helps both adults and children as we work hard to assist more children moving in to safe, stable, loving and caring homes.

I'm proud to tell you that your donations drive change. In ten years we've seen adoptions to same-sex couples grow from practically nothing to 1 child in every 6. That's countless vulnerable adopted young people who've found security and love in an LGBTQ+ family.

We have more to do. Please help us build and nurture families.

Thank you. 

  Tor Docherty

  New Family Social Chief Executive

Your support makes a real difference. Thanks to you, we help children waiting in the care system to find loving and supportive families. In 2012, we launched our national LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering Week Campaign. We've encouraged, promoted and supported LGBTQ+ families from all backgrounds, orientations and identities to come forward and provide stability to vulnerable children. We're estimating that 2,000 children in the last eight years have moved from care into LGBTQ+ families because of the work we do.

We're proud of our commitments and your continued support.

LGBTQ+ families are more likely to adopt & foster sibling groups & children with additional needs.

It takes money to effect change, to support LGBTQ+ families through approval & once their families arrive. 

Your generosity means that you directly help LGBTQ+ people fulfil their dreams. You'll make a difference.