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1 in 6 adoptions in England in 2020 were to same-sex couples. But LGBT+ applicants still have an expectation of discrimination. 

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A word from...... James Lawrence, Head of Communications & Engagement

LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week returns from 1 March. The annual campaign - led by New Family Social – aims to encourage more LGBT+ people to explore these parenting routes. With some 80,000 children in care in England in 2020, there’s an urgent and real need for more people to foster and adopt. LGBT+ people are uniquely placed to help vulnerable children navigate their identities. This is reflected in the record numbers of adoptions to LGBT+ people in England in 2020, with 1 in 6 adoptions being to same-sex couples.

Staff at adoption and fostering agencies increasingly recognise the strong skillset LGBT+ people can bring to parenting and caring. That’s why we’re thrilled that some 60 agencies will support the campaign when it returns - these account for 82 separate local authority services. (At the time of writing it’s 59 agencies, but like buses another three will announce their support imminently)

Despite lockdown it’s still possible to explore the adoption and fostering assessment processes, with sessions now taking place online. If you register for a free Bronze membership to our services you can see the list of forthcoming virtual sessions. You’ll also have access to our directory of agencies keen to talk to you that provide dedicated support to LGBT+ adopters and foster carers.

The campaign’s a fantastic opportunity to look at the journey step by step. We hope you join us on it and learn, over the course of the week, how you can build your family through adoption or fostering.

1 in 6

adoptions in England in 2020 were to same-sex  couples

3 in 4

 New Family Social adopters consider adopting siblings


The total number of children in foster care in England

Adoption and foster carer assessment and support services rely on face-to-face contact

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Some 60 foster agencies joined NFS in 2019. Find out why we're working together.

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Increasing numbers of agencies turn to LGBT+ applicants. What are your options?

Girl on bench with question Mark - What is the support like in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Support from LGBT+ friendly agencies is rising across every UK country. 

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