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Adoption & Fostering Support Week for LGBT+ parents 2021

20-24 September, 2021

Adoption & Fostering Support Week for LGBT+ parents 2021 kicks off on 20 September. The campaign's led by New Family Social. It brings together adoption and fostering agencies and LGBT+ adoptive parents and foster carers. The campaign aims to improve the support LGBT+ adopters and foster carers need to provide the support our country's vulnerable children need.

LGBT+ adopters and foster carers bring a unique skillset to parenting. They can also face distinct and separate challenges. Research and anecdotal evidence both suggest that LGBT+ people are more likely to adopt those children who are older, in sibling groups, have additional needs, etc. This means LGBT+ adopters and foster carers are more likely themselves to need additional support from their agencies.  

(If you're considering starting an adoption or fostering journey then New Family Social's Adoption, Fostering & Tea may be for you. Simply sign up for a free Bronze membership to access all the back episodes. Or go to Spotify, Apple or your podcast provider of choice.)

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Curated content for the campaign will appear on this page from 20 September. In the meantime you can check out our podcast Adoption, Fostering & Tea.

Adoption, Fostering & Tea

20 September 2021 - Pick the perfect primary school   [Gold & Silver New Family Social members]

21 September 2021 - The CAMHS/CYPMHS Challenge [Gold & Silver New Family Social members]

22 September 2021 - Selecting a secondary school [Gold & Silver New Family Social members]

23 September 2021 - Managing the transition from primary to secondary school [Gold and Silver members]

24 September 2021 - Understanding EHCPs [Gold & Silver New Family Social members]

Announcement of New Family Social members' inaugural commended agencies and social workers

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