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Why join New Family Social?

19 Mar 2020 08:27 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

In a word... support

Join New Family Social

We started out as a group of LBGT+ singles and couples who wished to - or had - adopted and fostered in the UK. New Family Social was formed and is still run by LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers who've been through the process, have children and know the joys - and sometimes the challenges - that previously looked-after children bring.

Although we're not fans of labels for the sake of them, we welcome everyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bi, asexual, trans, questioning, queer, intersex, pansexual, transgender, gender non-comforming, non-binary and gender fluid.

We have also chosen the "+" sign, which we use to support everyone on the gender and sexuality spectrum who don't yet have a commonly accepted word or letter.  Bottom line is that we're inclusive and nurturing.  If you think that you're not covered in the above then drop us a line - we're kind, friendly and open.

As we fundraise and receive grants for our target demographics, our support network doesn't cover cisgendered, heterosexual individuals or couples. Mainstream adoption and fostering charities provide excellent support for people who are cisgendered and heterosexual and we also recommend Adoption UK as a starting point.

Benefits of being a New Family Social member

Friendly Adoption Fostering Agencies

All members get access to our directory of LGBTQ+ friendly adoption and fostering agencies in the UK. You may worry about whether an agency will welcome your enquiry.  If you choose to go on your adoption or fostering journey with one of our member agencies then  - once it verifies your identity - you'll have free access to our other services.

Our member agencies are, by their inclusion in our database, tolerant and inclusive. They welcome LGBTQ+ couples and individuals and also use New Family Social for support and guidance when issues and questions arise around LGBTQ+ adoption and fostering. Not all of our member agencies have extensive histories in supporting LGBTQ+ people in adopting or fostering - however, their New Family Social membership means that they're open to learning the best way to support LGBTQ+ applicants.

New Family Social also trains agency staff across the UK in how to support LGBTQ+ people through the adoption or fostering approval process.


As a New Family Social member you'll have access to all the public events that our members - both individual and agency - post on our website. These range from information events held by agencies through to social events arranged for our Silver and Gold members.

Forums and messaging 

Our Gold members gain access to forums where you can ask us and the wider New Family Social family for advice, guidance, hints and tips. Or just turn to us to vent the frustrations of your day! Gold members can also access our members' directory and message other LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers directly.

Articles/ Competitions / Summer Camp

Additionally, members have access to specific articles, competitions for grown ups and for kids, depending on their membership level. Our Gold and Silver members can also attend our world renowned (well, we think so) summer camp - a unique event that brings together hundreds of LGBTQ+ adopters, foster carers and their children.

A note on security and our membership levels

If you're LGBTQ+ you can become an individual member of  New Family Social member for free and without any verification of your identification, with a Bronze membership.

However, some of our materials and events are for those members who've provided verification of their identity. This allows them access to our Silver and Gold memberships.  This is because some events may be for families to attend, or some of our forums allow our members to ask for advice on their home life, etc.

It's likely that the agency you'll choose is an organisational member of New Family Social. Some 200 adoption and fostering agencies in the UK are already members. If this is the case, you can access a Gold membership free of charge, once you've been verified by your agency.

If your agency doesn't hold an organisational membership with New Family Social then you can pay for a membership in your own right. You can still take out a paid Silver membership for yourself, without supplying any additional details beyond those needed for payment. If you want to pay to become a Gold member we'll need to verify your details with your agency. 


Before you comment or post we have two rules -

  • Do not make comments that degrade others on the basis of gender, race, class, ethnicity, political beliefs, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other classifications.
  • Do not make comments that could intimidate, demean or harass other members.


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